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Do you struggle to fall and stay asleep? Sleep is essential for health and wellbeing but up to 2 in 3 UK adults suffer with disrupted sleep. This course offers a practical and holistic approach to getting a good night's sleep, grounded in yogic and psychotherapeutic principals. 

In this course we will cover: 
* Easy-to-remember breathing techniques to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation.
* Mindfulness/meditation tools to help quieten the mind and reduce anxiety.
* Practical ways in which to deal with night-time wakings and reduce stress.
* A simple night-time yoga sequence to release tension in the body and gently stretch the muscles preparing your body for sleep.

Each week we will focus on a different theme:
1. Repair Your Body 
2. Replenish Your Energy  
3. Reclaim Your Mind 
4. Restore a Sense of Calm
5. Reawaken Happy 

Sleep recovery is a 5-step yoga-based method for improving sleep developed by pyschotherapist, yogi and sleep expert Lisa Sanfillipo who I have trained with. 

Online via Zoom 



Weekly starting 5th October until 2nd November 2021

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